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The future of Augmented Reality on the Blockchain


Mirai AR is an Augmented Reality app for Android and iOS that is currently in development by the Mirai Coin Team. Mirai AR is a social and gaming app which allows anybody to add their mark to the AR world. Even better, if the content you add is useful, informative or just creative, you will be rewarded with MRI cryptocurrency. This is a real cryptocurrency that you can trade on an exchange, keep in your wallet or convert to fiat (USD) directly from the Mirai AR app. In Mirai AR App you can view content added to the real world by friends and strangers alike. You could find anything; an enchanted forest in your local park; a treasure hunt; graffiti that comes to life in Augmented Reality. You can create a public profile and add your own content with just a few clicks. Creating content is designed to be easy. Simple building blocks(assets) and tools are provided so you can tag an object or location then position assets through your camera in the AR world.

Make your mark

Create anything you want and share it with the world. In the Mirai AR app you can add just about anything: art, information, interactive content. It's like building a webpage in 3D without needing any technical knowledge.

Save and Share

When you add content to the Mirai AR app you are sharing it with the world. Your friends on the Mirai AR app and anyone near the geo-tagged location will be notified that you have posted.


Bask in the glow of praise and glory, while earning MRI for your efforts.


The Mirai AR app allows you to view local Augmented Reality content through your phone. The AR content can be anything from information to instructions to games and entertainment. The app is free and anyone can add Augmented Reality content through our easy to use editor. Users that add content are called Content Creators and they are rewarded for their content with MRI cryptocurrency.

How to earn rewards with Mirai AR.

In the Mirai AR app, rewards are earned by contributing to the network. The easiest way is to simply add useful information that others can access. If you eat at a nice restaurant, geo-tag your location, take photos of your food and review it. When others are using the Mirai AR app, they will be able to see the location, photos and review. Want to really earn? Add more details. Get creative. Be as helpful as possible. The higher your content is rated by others, the more you can earn.

Make something interesting

Create a treasure hunt, map out a tourist location, create a piece of 3d art and display it to the world.

Simplified Coding

Mirai AR has built in coding features for users that want to provide a more interactive experience. This is done through the Mirai AR website. A basic understanding of coding is helpful, but it is entirely possible to code without it. Coding is done the same way that content is added. For instance, you can drag an 'IF' block onto one content item and a 'THEN' block onto a second content item. Then set properties: Example: 'IF' content is clicked, 'THEN' second content item becomes visible.

revenue distribution diagram
Asset Marketplace

The asset marketplace gives Asset creators the platform to provide assets to content creators.

Asset Creators

If you are experienced with coding, 3d modelling, graphics or web design, the asset marketplace give you the opportunity to earn MRI by providing content for content creators. *note that some features will not be available on initial release

Content Creators

When a content creator builds content, it is owned by the content creator. As such, content creators can sell their creations in the asset marketplace. Statistics relating to the content are automatically provided to assist in a fair sale process.

Continuous Innovation

The Mirai team are passionate about working on the forefront of technological innovation. We plan to continue developing well past the initial release, both in blockchain and AR.

MRI Distribution

The advertising revenue created through the Mirai AR app is split with 60% going to creators and 40% going to future development. The 40% will be used to pay for staff, marketing, infrastructure, administration, exchange listings, partnerships and future development. 5% will be kept as an emergency fund. Any left over revenue will be redistributed to MRI holders and the content creator network.

The Future

Mirai is built for the community and anyone is welcome to suggest or contribute to development. The goal of Mirai is to create something truly unique and innovative


Screenshots and concept art

The Team

The team behind Mirai is a small but dedicated group working to achieve something that has never been done before. The team is motivated to produce something ground breaking and truly unique. If you share our excitement and have skills that can contribute to our success, please contact us through discord or the contact form below.

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Mirai AR is a work in progress.
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Latest News

News is released both here and on the Mirai Discord simultaneously.

dEMO VideoS

Just a quick video to show basic content creation in action.
More detailed videos to come.


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A collection of frequently asked questions about Mirai and the Mirai AR app.

  • Will the app be awesome?
  • Where can i download?
    The Mirai AR app is still under development. Subscribe to the newsletter or join the discord to be the first to hear when the app is ready.
  • How much does the app cost.
    It is free to download and free to use, with the exception of some advanced features.
  • How do you make money?
    Advertising revenue generated through advertising placed in augmented reality.
  • Why blockchain?
    It is blockchain that allows us to build a secure system that rewards anyone wishing to contribute without needing to get bank details and deal with transaction fees. It also allows us to attribute ownership of content to the content creator, which in turn allows for the sale of that content.
  • How much can i earn from creating content?
    It is one of our goals in creating the app that anyone willing to put in the effort to create quality content can earn a living from their contributions.  It is likely to be easier to receive larger rewards than would be expected at the beginning before balancing out as more and more content creators jump in.
  • Why are rewards in MRI?
    There are a number of reasons. Foremost is that the Mirai blockchain is built to handle the large number of micro transactions required by the app with virtually zero fee.
    Other reasons are cover in the 'why blockchain?' question above.
  • Won't advertisers be paying in USD or BTC? Where does the MRI come from?
    The majority of advertising revenue will be received in USD or BTC and exchanged for MRI.
    This benefits everyone from content creators to masternode holders and stakers, as the higher liquidity strengthens the coins value and network.  
  • So aren't content rewards really just mining through proof of content?
    No, not at all.
    Creating content does not cause MRI to be mined. The rewards from creating content come directly from advertising revenue.
    The problem with mining through content is that the exchange is one sided. Always MRI to BTC or USD causing a continual drop in value.
    By basing rewards on advertising revenue and paying rewards in MRI the balance is shifted the other direction. A continual stream of revenue is directed into MRI instead of away from it with ever increasing liquidity.
  • Where can i find the github?
    At the moment there is no public github repository.
    Working with AR on a global level presents a number of problems. Our AR uses a combination of geo-targeting, plane recognition and image recognition. These can be processor and memory intensive, requiring massive amounts of data to be downloaded, but we have unique solutions that allows the data to be made available as it is required without any noticeable delay.     We will release a number of demo videos, screenshots and also a partial github repository to show progress over the coming months. All of the code will be available on github by the time the app is launched, but until then it would be a mistake to make the full code available.


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